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Music Program

Carlton Avenue Elementary is pleased to have Community School of Music and Arts join our school!

Your child’s weekly music classes will begin in September. Please know that your CSMA Music Teacher, Mr.Earley, is fully dedicated to all students succeeding and achieving a high level of self-esteem. Each student will experience music through sequential and experiential learning that meets the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards. This is what your child will learn in their music class:

Kindergarten – finding their singing voice, feeling the difference between beat &
rhythm, experimenting with instruments, such as rhythm sticks, guiro, and drums

1st grade – finding their singing voice, developing an understanding of rhythm and notation, leaning simple vocal / instrumental ostinatos, creating simple rhythmic compositions using many instruments, such as rhythm sticks, drums,and bells. Staff notation if time permits.

2nd grade – singing with greater accuracy, pentatonic scale, singing in a round. Understanding additional rhythmic elements, creating two-part vocal / instrumental ostinatos, composing with xylophones, rhythm sticks, drums, and many other instruments. Staff notation if time permits.

3rd grade – expanding vocal range, pentatonic scale, improvising their own rhythms and melodies. Three-part vocal / instrumental work. Transitioning from Kodaly terms to actual terms& using staff notation which will prepare them for 4th grade recorder.

4th grade – playing the recorder, including proper position, breathing & fingering technique, and tone quality. In-tune singing. Learning to read music, sight-reading practice, composing & notating simple melodies and rhythms on a staff. Playing two- part harmony. Performing in front of the class. Increasing student confidence anddiscipline through earning colored Karate Belts.

5th grade –incorporating recorders, metallophones, percussion instruments, body percussion, and in-tune singing. Two part-harmony, melodic & rhythmic ostinatos, creating musical phrases. Performing for each other and in front of the class. Focused listening, studying famous composers and their music.

Thank you for your support of music, as it touches all areas of development, from motor skills & co-ordination to social development and creativity! If you have any questions about Carlton’s music program, please feel free to email me at or the Director of Community School of Music and Arts, Leah Lader at [650] 917. 6800 ext.307, or send an email to Visit the Community School Of Music and Arts web site at