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Carlton Avenue Times, November 1, 2021

Dismissal is at 1:15 pm (students in Grades 1-5) and 1:05 pm (Kindergarteners) every day this week!

Important Dates

11/8 Grapefruit Weekly COVID testing

11/8-11/10 Parent-Teacher Conferences - Dismissal at 1:15 (Grades 1-5) and at 1:05 (K)

11/10 Running Club and School Spirit Day (wear Carlton or red shirt)

11/11 & 11/12 Veteran's Day - No School

11/15 Grapefruit Weekly COVID testing

11/17 Running Club and School Spirit Day (wear Carlton or red shirt)

11/19 Spirit Day- Wear fall colors and express gratitude

11/15-11/19 Parent-Teacher Conferences - Dismissal at 1:15 (Grades 1-5) and at 1:05 (K)

11/22-11/26 Thanksgiving Week - No School

Message from Mrs. Katayama

Message from Mrs. Katayama

Dear Carlton Families,

Parent-teacher conferences provide an excellent opportunity for teachers to share a student's progress, strengths, and areas of concern. Parent-teacher conferences will be held via Zoom from November 8th through November 19th. During these two weeks, students in grades 1-5 will be dismissed at 1:15 pm and students in Kindergarten will be dismissed at 1:05 pm.


The focus of conferences and report cards this trimester may be different from previous years. As a result of 1) distance-learning most of last year, 2) a return to a full school day in-person, and 3) prioritizing students' emotional well-being and building relationships, you may notice:


  • Less academic standards marked with rubric (1, 2, 3, 4) scores.
  • Lower than usual marks at this point in the year.
  • A heavier emphasis on the section of the report card labeled Social Skills and Work Habits.


Investing time at the beginning of the year on developing social skills, independence, and a positive mindset will help students become motivated, successful learners throughout the year.


Your child's teacher will be prepared to answer any questions regarding your student's academic and social/behavioral progress, as well questions related to the report card itself. Additionally, as a reminder, scores reflect progress towards mastery of grade-level standards. Therefore, first trimester scores usually will be lower because students have only begun to work on these standards.


Report cards will be emailed to parents/guardians or sent home with their child on or before November 19.



If you have not signed up for a parent-teacher conference yet, please check your emails from your child's teacher. If you would like to have a translator attend the conference, please contact your child's teacher or the office as soon as possible.


Mary Katayama



No School on November 11th and 12th.

USD STEAM Challenge

USD STEAM Challenge

All Carlton students are invited to take on the 2022 USD STEAM Challenge. Using design thinking, improve and transform current schools and classrooms. Classrooms of the future need to be fun, safe places to learn. Work collaboratively, be creative, and have fun designing the schools or classrooms of the future. All projects will be displayed at the STEAM Fair on April 23rd. 
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Digital Wellness: Parenting in the Age of Online Distractions

Digital Wellness: Parenting in the Age of Online Distractions

Now that in-person learning is back, have your kids been asking for more time on their devices? How do we parent in the age of online distractions? Join Common Sense Education as we learn about the latest trends in digital media and the impact it has on our child's social and emotional development. The interactive training will focus on practical ways families can address social and emotional health by integrating effective tech activities. Come for the insight and leave with a fresh perspective on parenting in the digital age.

Date: November 16th

Time: 6:00 pm



Reading Intervention Tutor Needed

If you know of anyone who is interested in working as a reading intervention tutor, please contact our office. We are looking for applicants who have experience teaching reading and/or have a CA teaching credential.
Yard Duty Supervisors and Crossing Guard Needed

Yard Duty Supervisors and Crossing Guard Needed

Carlton is looking for some positive, enthusiastic folks to be our yard duty supervisors and crossing guards. As a yard duty supervisor or crossing guard, you will play an important role in keeping our students safe. No experience is necessary. We are happy to provide training.

Both jobs are paid positions. Please contact our office staff at (408)356-1141 if you are interested in learning more about these jobs.


Extended Absences

Missing school for an extended period of time can negatively impact a child's academic progress. We encourage all families to plan family trips when school is closed.

If your child must miss school for an extended period of time, parents/guardians can request a short-term independent study for 5 to 14 days. The request must be made two weeks in advance (except if a student is quarantined). If the assigned schoolwork is completed and returned, absences during the short-term independent study are excused.

If the reason for an absence is not for an illness, quarantine, or other valid reason, the absence is unexcused. A student is truant if a student has three unexcused absences or tardies (30 minutes or more). Chronic truancy may require parents/guardians to attend a meeting with the school attendance review board.

If your family does travel internationally, please consider CDC's recommended steps for quarantining after you return. Please note that if a travel quarantine is not included under the short-term independent study, then those missed days will be considered unexcused absences..

Asset Building Champions (ABC) program and November Book

Asset Building Champions (ABC) program and November Book

This month, students will be focusing on the book, Simon's Hook. This book shows students what they can do if someone teases them. For more information please read the parent letter. The link to the story read aloud, related activities, and discussion questions are on these slides. When students "don't take the bait, " they can become empowered to "swim free."


Who Can Help Our Teachers Make Copies?

We are currently in need of volunteers who are interested in copying classroom materials for all the different grade levels. If you are interested in doing this once a week for about an hour, please call our office (408)356-1141. We appreciate your interest in helping our school!
Covid testing for Students at Carlton

Click above if you want to sign up your student for testing. If you have questions, contact Grapefruit directly at

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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

There are many items in our Lost and Found area which is located in front of the office. If your child is missing any jackets or water bottles, please check the Lost and Found. During the holiday breaks, we usually donate clothing that has been left in Lost and Found for several months. So, please check the Lost and Found before the Thanksgiving break.

After School Classes and Community Events

If you are looking for interesting after-school activities at or near our school, use this link to view information about community events and classes on our school website. Please note these activities are not sponsored by our district.