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Flex Grouping

An innovative curricular strategy is being implemented at Carlton Avenue School. Teachers deliver a system that differentiates instruction in reading to maximize student achievement. This reading block is called Flexible Grouping. Some also refer to this differentiated block of time as “RTI,” short for “Response to Instruction.” RTI looks a little different at every school yet there are some unifying components. Essentially, every day when it’s time for reading instruction, students get up and break into groups that are designed to meet their specific learning needs, as determined by assessment data. Each teacher from that particular grade level oversees a different cluster of kids, delivering reading and comprehension lessons that are tailor-made to their students. Students are generally reading the same texts and studying the same vocabulary words, they’re doing so in different ways – again, all targeted to their needs.

Students enjoy the daily change of classrooms, the opportunity to work with students in different classrooms and the opportunity to participate in smaller, more targeted groups. Teachers and administrators say Flex Grouping encourages grade-level collaboration.

Key Elements
Grade Level Collaboration to ensure the most effective methods for the delivery of instruction to meet the needs of students.

Student grouping for part of the Language Arts instructional period to provide more focused instruction based on student need.

Initial assessment and on-going formative assessments to ensure proper student level placement and continued progress monitoring.