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USD GATE Program Resources

Gifted and Talented Education

The Union School District’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program is designed to meet the daily academic needs of eligible students in grades 4 through 8. Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills represent essential components of the GATE program and help students to become independent, life-long learners.

All classroom instruction begins with the California State Common Core standards for grade-level core curriculum and is differentiated based on the students’ needs and abilities. In this way, the students are challenged on the same standard by using materials and tasks at varied levels of difficulty.
Students in the Union School District are encouraged to take on leadership roles in their classrooms. They contribute to problem solving, participate in discussions, and challenge themselves beyond what is required. Opportunities such as student government, theatre arts, music and after school enrichment also provide a wealth of opportunities for both gifted identified and others to be challenged and engaged beyond the core curriculum.

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) aims to provide gifted and talented students with educational opportunities that match their abilities.

Program Model
In elementary and middle school, the program model for GATE is differentiation within the mainstream classroom. Teachers enrich and extend the core curriculum for gifted students, giving them the opportunity to understand the curriculum in greater depth and complexity.

Identifying Gifted and Talented Students
Multi-measures are used to identify students as gifted and talented–teacher judgment, information from parents, standardized test results, a non-reading test, identification of behaviors associated with giftedness and multiple intelligences. Differentiated curricular opportunities are available to all students who benefit from additional challenges as well as to students who are formally identified (formal identification begins in 4th grade).