Carlton Avenue School

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Mrs. Mindy Rast


Dear Parents,

            I would like to welcome you to the opening of this very exciting year!  As many of you know, I have been teaching the past 19 years at Carlton.  I am so excited to be teaching First Grade and it’s so great to see so many familiar faces. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year.

            I am sure as school gets under way you will have many questions about this year’s programs, procedures, and expectations.  Back to School Night is scheduled for next Wednesday Aug. 26th at 6pm in our classroom.  Should you have any concerns before that date, please feel free to leave a message on my voicemail (356-1141 ext. 111) or email me at [email protected].

            We will have a color theme for the next two weeks. Please check reminder note to see what color each day will be.  Students may want to wear the color of the day.

            Please send your child to school well rested, with a nourishing breakfast, and with clothes and shoes for hard work and play.  We will have sharing and homework each week. Both will be modeled and practiced at school several times before your child is expected to do them on his/her own. This will not start until after Back to School Night.  In the meantime, please check Thursday envelopes for important office papers to fill out.  Also start “or keep” the habit of reading to/or with your child every night.

            The first few weeks will be a review.  This is an ideal time to emphasize neatness and form and to develop good habits.  Please don’t be alarmed to see “easy” work.  The work will get progressively harder as the year goes on.

            During Back to School Night I will be taking sign ups for parent helpers.  I love having parent help in the room.  I could use a few helpers right away for specific tasks. If you are available come see me as soon as possible.  We will also need donations for supplies throughout the year.  I will put post its up on the donation board right outside the door.  In the future I will also post it online.  If anyone can help get our class website started please let me know.

            Carlton has been a special place to me all these years and I am looking forward to this year with your children.  I hope you find time each day to ask your child specific questions about school and his/her day.  There is always so much to share.  I look forward to seeing you here and joining us in our many activities!

                                                            Here’s to an incredible year in First Grade!!!

Mindy Rast