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5th Grade Commencement

4 pictures:  One with a poster announcing the Art Show, the other 3 showing various different mediums of art on kiosks.

We ❤ our Art Docents!  A beautiful display of our art by Carlton Student Artists!

Mrs. Aupperle’s class getting a lesson from the Cornerstone Program led by parent volunteers.

Several Colorful Tiles with different symbols on each tile.

Some of the creative Rancho Brand designed tiles made by 4th Grade! Wow! Way to imagine, design and create as a team:  

Mrs. Isaacs, Mrs. Davis, Mr. Helvesten and Mr. Ahn

First Graders sitting in plastic reading chairs on a carpet of ABC's reading a book.

First Graders in Mrs. Aoto’s Bobcat Class doing Guided Reading and Daily Five

A teacher instruction students sitting on a floor

In Mrs. Olvera's Classroom, 

We Are Learning Informational Writing      

 with Mrs. Cline.  We are lucky First Graders!

Students sitting at tables and listening to a teacher doing math work.

This Math Olympiad group meets at 7:15 a.m. each Wednesday. The math skills that have developed throughout the school year is inspirational!

Several teachers standing in front of the multi purpose building holding up a sign with numbers for the Relay For Life.

We raised over $7,000.00 for RELAY FOR LIFE!  Way to go Cougars.

Two groups of students sitting in two circles with their running coach in the multi purpose building floor writing on index cards.

                                Our After School Running Club Collaborating 

Before A Run On The Track.

Mrs. Katayama and Mr. Ted calling out Bingo at a table with a ball scrabbler calling out the numbers.

Mrs Katayama and Mr. Ted Calling Out Bingo Numbers  At Our Annual 2019  Bingo Night

A girl cutting fabric along a white line with scissors at a table.

Learning the Importance of Measuring, Ironing, Cutting, & Pinning  In Sewing Camp!

Four children sitting at a table with pencil and paper and writing the alphabet

Learning Concepts of Print in Transitional Kindergarten 

We ❤ math in small groups with our First Grade Teacher, Mrs. Aupperle! 

Two students sitting at a table and engaging in reading a book

Mrs. Beam's 2nd Grade RTI Independent Reading Group Use Guided Reading And Word Work.

Child sitting at a desk typing on a Chromebook while looking at papers.

Mr. Ahn’s 4th Graders Work On Mini Reports In Social Studies By Creating Slide Decks On Chromebooks To Compare W.E.B. DeBois & George Washington Carver. 

Kindness Week Continues at Carlton Avenue School!   We have a beautiful community.   ❤️   A special reminder that kindness matters all year long!  

February 7, 2019

"I pledge to be kind, to be the reason someone smiles today, and to be the change I wish to see.” 

Mrs. Olvera's First Grade Students are Getting started with Adobe Spark Video!

Cardboard box sitting on a students desk with a game made of tape, markers, and marbles.

 Mrs. Almario's Third Grade Are So Excited To Take On The Cardboard Challenge 2019 With Their Little Buddies In Mrs. Rast's First Grade Class!! 

Several children sitting on a floor listening to a man with a microphone and watching a video on TV

Be Seen and Be Heard Assembly


Several kids sitting on a rainbow carpet reading with an adult

First Grade Students in Mrs Rast's Class Engaging in Guided Reading!

Several children sitting on a floor with virtual reality viewers  while teacher is teaching.

What a Kindergarten VirtualReality field trip to Antarctica looks like and sounds like! A wonderful opportunity for students to “visit” the snow as they’re learning all about it in class! Thanks for taking them there Miss Yadegar ! 

Two children sitting at a table with many crayons and drawing a pilgrim and an native american.

In Ms.  Yadegar's Classroom We Used Our Multiple Perspective Sunglasses To Decide Which We Would Rather Be! What Would Your Choice Be?

Several students sitting on floor looking through goggles with a TV looking at the moon!

Can You Believe We Sent Students to the Rainforest🌳 AND to the Moon🌒 on the Same Day?   Using TY @GoogleARVR  for Making this Possible for our Students in Mrs. Aupperle's Class During our Visit to Our MakerSpace!  Thanks Mrs. Chia, STEAM TEACHER!

Several students sitting on the floor or at tables with view masters in the makerspace building!

Can you believe we sent students to the rainforest🌳 AND to the moon🌒 on the same day?   TY @GoogleARVR #USDLearns for making this possible for our students in Mrs. Beam's 2nd Grade Class.  Thanks Mrs. Chia our STEAM Teacher!

Several Teachers dressed in costume for halloween standing in front of a building with glass

Halloween Day

All teachers and Staff Standing on Risers in front of our School

Our Wonderful and Caring Staff!

Students sitting at a table and learning how to use Electronic Devices with tools.

Carlton Cougars loved STEAM Night!

Mr. Ahn our Fourth grade teacher in our maker Space Building giving a presentation using an overhead projector to students sitting in chairs by tables.

Mr. Ahn Introducing Makey Makey to 4th Grade Students in the Makerspace!   We are Excited to Explore, Create & Invent with Circuits ! 

A Student coding on an iPad for Steam Night at a Desk.

STEAM Fair at Carlton was awesome! Thank you USD team for putting this on & to the parent and community involvement! 

Mrs. Lee Davis's Fourth Grade Students Enjoying Our Annual Bike Rodeo!!!  

Learning Safety Rules About Riding Bikes To School.

Parents standing in front of a school bus to send off their students to Science Camp in front of our school

5th Grades Off To Walden West Science Camp

Student sitting at a desk and drawing a tree with a crayon.

 Last Week, In Miss Yadegar's Classroom,  We learned about Autumn. This week, we’re continuing our learning and taking notes along the way! A little bit every day can go along way. 

Several adults sitting in a chair at the District Office Board Room talking about the Constitution.

Recognizing Mrs. Fox for her heart & dedication to our school and students ... And for all the work behind-the-scenes on Constitution Day!

A giant green balloon with a monkey in the middle of our school running field

Walk on the Wild Side   September 29th  Our Biggest Fund Raiser of the Year!

Classroom projects building Native American Homes out of cardboard, dried grass, colored paper, rocks, tape,dirt and etc.

STEAM Project in Mr. Phillips' 5th Grade Class on Native American Shelters.  Turned Out Amazing!

a teacher and two students sitting at a table reading together while the teacher is guiding

Students Reading While Ms. LaBarbera's 2nd Grade Students Lean in During Guided Reading Time. 

Several pictures grouped together to show our picnic on the front lawn of the school with a loved one.

Lunch With A Loved One!

Several Students inside the Maker Space Building standing at tables and planting with dirt and seeds.

Busy 2nd Graders Inside and Outside of the Makerspace with Mrs. Chia, STEAM ToSA, this Afternoon.  Planting and Designing Unique Grass Heads with Mrs. Beam, Mrs. Powell and  Ms. LaBarbera.

5th grade students sitting on the floor and listening to a man speak about Walden West Camp in the Media Center

Walden West visits 5th Grades to get us ready for camp in October 15th to 18th!

Students sitting on a rainbow carpet listening to a story from the librarian

Miss Baker's Third Grade Students Having Their First Library Session with Mrs. Montazeri! 

Celebrating International Dot Day on the September 15ish.  Lots of dots with designs made by our students on black paper

International Dot Day!  September 15ish.  All Of The Students Made Their Own Dot to... 

Celebrate Creativity, Courage and Collaboration!

Carlton Students standing on our campust in front of the American Flag and saluting and reciting the pledge of allegiance.

Constitution Day...Monday September 17th...The Entire School Recited The Pledge of Allegiance and Listed to The National Anthem. 

Student sitting at a round table in TK learning to count to 10 with a chart and  plastic bats.

Mrs. Blaylock's Transitional Kindergarten Students... Hands On Learning!  

We Teachers Have The Best Job Ever! 

Children sitting in a classroom on a carpet looking at a TV and listening to the message our Principal is sharing with the school

In Summer Aupperle's First Grade Class... 
Morning Message From Mrs. Katayama, Principal, About Rules And Being Kind. 

A Wall Graphing Chart of Apples done on the wall with sticky notes, Red or Green Apples, Sour or Sweet Apples?

In Miss Baker's Third Grade, We tasted and graphed our favorite apples! We learned about sour and sweet, and why some apples are red and some are green. 

White Paper with instructions on how to make chipboard hoppers

Mystery Science Lesson On Force, Went 
Well In Mrs. Almario's Third Grade Class!  

We made Chipboard Hoppers!

So Sad That I Couldn't Catch

 The Video Of It Hopping.

 But It Was Very Cool. 

Students sitting on floor in a classroom talking about music with their teacher.

In Miss LaBarbera's Second Grade Class... 

We Are Super Excited About Our First Music Class! 

Peer editing in Mrs. Rose's and Mrs. Hendrick's Third Grade Class!

child with brown and blonde hair wearing headphones sitting at a desk using a chromebook

Mrs. Almario's Third Grades Using EduProtocols Quizizz To Review What We're Learning In Math! 

Several children and parent volunteer dressed in safari clothes and wearing masks of wild animals standing on a stage

Getting So Excited About The Walk On The Wild Side Walkathon On... 

Saturday, September 29th!

Mrs. Aupperle's First Grade Writers Doing An Excellent Job Concentrating During Writer’s Workshop! 

Great design thinking going on in Mrs. Davis's Fourth Grade Classroom!  Ss designing robots to battle each other! Design, test and redesign!

5 rows of paper made chains in bright colors lined up next to each other

Miss Baker's Student's in 3rd Grade...STEAM challenge! 

How can you make the longest chain out of one piece of paper? 

So much fun with math!! 

1st Grade students subitizing with Mrs. Aoto!

Children playing with blocks and plastic frogs on a carpet in the classroom

When we play... we learn! Exploring and building with shapes, sorting and counting objects, building friendships, practicing writing and sharpening our fine motor skills in Mrs. Hernandez's Kindergarten Classroom!

A drone photo of children playing on a blacktop playground with the word CARLTON wrote in Chalk with colorful pawprints

A perfect start to the 2018-19 school year!

Beautiful afternoon to take Dash outside for Block Coding Mrs. Rose's 3rd Graders ! 

Teacher seating in a chair instructing several children sitting on the floor an listening

Third grade loves Mrs. Cline!  Thanks for showing us FlipGrid . 

Two posters done in crayon and one says love and the other says hugs

Ms. Powell’s class learned about inference through the story, Lion vs. Rabbit by Alex Latimer. Students then made a positive word creation. Thanks for the recommendation, Mrs. Lavelle! 

Lost and Found

Has your child lost a lunch box? Their jacket or water bottle? In an attempt to make it easier for children to find their lost items, the Lost and Found area is located between the School Office and Multi Purpose Building. Items left at the end of the school year will be donated. Last day to collect is June 12th, 2019.
Mrs.  Wooledge standing with a Certificate and a basket of flowers in front of the District Office

Volunteer of the Year

Vicki Wooledge our 2019 Carlton Volunteer of the Year! Thank you for all that you do for our students, parents, and staff. Your dedication and love for our school shows in all that you do whether its fundraising, organizing,
Mrs, Chia holding a cake that says Congratulations Teach of the Year!

Teacher of the Year

The teachers have honored Mrs. Chia this year. She teaches all grades being our STEAM TOSA in our Makerspace Building. We are so happy to have her as our Teacher of the Year!
Mrs Mace sitting at her desk holding a telephone receiver.

Classified Employee of the Year

Carlton is very proud of Ellen Mace, our Classified Employee of the Year! She works hard and is so deserving of this honor! Congratulations Mrs. Mace!

Have you signed up on

To receive important reminders, updates or announcements from our school through, please sign up. Using your cell phone, text the message @carltonave to 81010 .Or you can open your web browser on your smartphone and go to the following link:

To Read: Carlton Avenue School Handbook

Welcome to the Carlton Avenue School Handbook, the official handbook providing parents/guardians, students, and community with campus resources, an overview of student life and Elementary School procedures.

School Office

We open at 7:30AM and close at 4:00PM. Office will be closed for the summer starting Thursday, June 13th and will reopen on Wednesday, July 31st. 2421 Carlton Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124 Phone: 408-356-1141 Fax: 408-356-5993

Carlton Cafe School Menu

Sodexo delivers healthy and delicious school meals based on the USDA’s nutrition guidelines so that students are engaged and ready to learn in school. All meals include a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable choices, and a variety of chilled non-fat or low-fat milk.

It’s that time of the year again–TK-Kindergarten and Open Registration!

Online Registration for the 2019-20 School Year opens on February 1, 2019. This process is only for new students to the District. Existing elementary and middle school students are automatically enrolled for the next school year. We look forward to meeting our new families and welcoming back those with younger siblings.

Get Ready For Transitional Kindergarten

The following activities are what you and your child can do to prepare for learning in TK. Children are naturally curious and have genuine interests in learning. You can help by fostering their development and readiness for school, while building independence.

Curious About Kindergarten?

Q. How can I prepare my child for Kindergarten? A. Here is a list of different things that you can do to prepare your child for their upcoming year in Kindergarten:

Superintendent's Monthly Message

Each month our Superintendent, Denise Coleman sends out messages to our community, updating you about happenings from around the district.

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Login Into Your CHSC Directory and Store Account Here:

Enrollment: Birthday Book Club

The Birthday Book Club is a year round Carlton Home & School Club fundraiser supporting the School Library and enrichment programs.

Amazon Associates Program

If you shop a lot with Amazon, you can make sure that Carlton earns cash back for your purchases.

Board Highlights

Board of Trustees business is conducted at public meetings in the Board Room of the Union School District Administrative Office, 5175 Union Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124.

Annual Update to the 2017-2020 LCAP Plan

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and its local accountability counterpart, the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) were implemented with the idea that California must do a better job for its underperforming students, who in fact make up a sizable portion of the state’s school-age population.
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